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Submit Your Prayers Here

Set your intentions and surrender!  God, the Angels, and all of the great magic of this world have you covered! 

You are in my prayers and I am sending you light!  

Thank you for submitting a prayer request! Divine help is on the way!  The simple act of asking for help is the only thing you need for God and the Angels to get to work.  

Here are a few helpful tips about prayer and light requests:

  • God, the Angels, and the other energies of the light always help us in the way that we NEED which sometimes can look different than the way that we WANT.  
  • You are divinely guided and loved ALWAYS.  Take a few moments to close your eyes, connect with this idea, and breathe in the love and good vibes.
  • I take time every Sunday to submit your prayer requests to the Divine.  You might even feel it when it's happening.  Know that the feeling is REAL and that you are being helped. 
  • Now that you've asked for help, do your best to surrender it.  You have handed it up and can trust that God has it under control <3
  • The most powerful way to create miracles in your life is to ask for divine help and believe that help is coming under divine circumstances, in divine timing, and in divine ways.  Hold the belief, my Loves!  This world is a truly magical place.  

You are loved. Always. 

With so much love,

Christy Forsyth

PS I have created a playlist of some free resources for you to help support you in your time of need.  May this help to bring you and your loved ones peace as you find your way on your spiritual journey.  

Take me to the playlist