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Learn to Read Tarot Intuitively and Traditionally

The language of the Universe is symbolism.  From the teachings of Carl Jung, we have learned that we all pull from a collective consciousness of symbols that our soul is deeply connected to.  The Tarot provides us with a powerful collection of symbols and archetypes to help us to intuitively connect with with the messages our higher selves, guides, Angels, and higher power want us to connect with. 

The Learn to Read Tarot Course provides you with the information and skill development you need to read Tarot both intuitively and from the traditional meanings of the cards.  As you practice reading the Tarot, it becomes a tool to both connect with messages AND deepen your connection to your intuition. 

Here’s an overview of the structure of the course

  • Prerequisite BONUS Material
    • Intuition 101 Class
    • Connecting with Your Intuition Meditation
  • Module 1: Intro to the Tarot and Intuitive Reading
  • Module 2: The Journey of the Major Arcana
    • Module 2 A: Part 1 of the Major Arcana
    • Module 2 B: Part 2 of the Major Arcana
  • Module 3: Wands 
  • Module 4: Cups
  • Module 5: Pentacles
  • Module 6: Swords
  • Module 7: Tarot Spreads and Ethical Tarot Practices
  • Module 8: Using Other Cards (A quick look at using oracle cards and The Lenormand Deck)
  • Module 9: Bringing It All Together and Troubleshooting


This is a virtual course with live, interactive classes running from January 2024 into May 2024.  Class replays will be available afterward to access anytime to allow you to take the course at your own pace on your own schedule.